10 tips to improve your mental health

10 Tips To Improve your Mental Health

Today is Blue Monday, the saddest day of the year for most people. We have all experienced a year of challenges (2020), and the start of  2021 has also created plenty of anxiety and fear within people. Now more than ever, your mental health is of the utmost importance. 

Remember, the journey to self love and self care takes dedication, commitment and patience. Things will shift, but may take some time to embody. Practicing every day will help you ingrain a new way of being, and a new lifestyle. I’m here today to share with you some easy tips to help improve your mental health.  

Lessons from My journey 

As my life continues to unfold before my eyes, each day I am given the opportunity to pause, feel, reflect and connect. Some days it feels easy and exciting, and other days it feels like every part of me is in resistance. This is completely normal. We ebb and flow day to day – but, I’ve learnt that doing my morning routine even on the days I don’t want to makes me stronger, more resilient and more connected! 

Self-love for me has been a life journey, and is still an ongoing process. I believe we teach what  we have learnt or are still learning. So it makes sense to me that I am sharing lessons of self love and connection – as it has been my life’s journey so far (along with music of course). You can learn more about my journey here

So what can you do to help yourself? 

I have put together 10 tips to help you improve your mental health. These tips are simple yet effective and can be used now or anytime in life really to create a deeper connection to yourself. 

  1. Spend Time in Nature
    Nature is so healing and grounding. In times of fear or anxiety, nature always provides me with peace. Our bodies literally crave the Earth. It’s why in Japan doctor’s prescribe Forest Bathing to help people manage stress (spending time among the trees without your cell phone).
  2. Stay Hydrated
    Keeping your mind and body hydrated helps the function of your organs and internal system to stay fluid and moving. Water in the morning is especially important to help you hydrate first thing!
  3. Meditate Daily
    Meditation can bring your mind into a state of relaxation. It is an amazing tool to bring more peace and love into your life. Meditating everyday in the mornings will set you up mentally so you can manage adversity with more ease.
  4. Move your Body
    MOVEMENT is so amazing for your body. Keep yourself moving whether its yoga, running, working out, dancing, stretching – honestly anything you do will benefit your mood, providing you with dopamine, endorphins and all those feel good chemicals that will send positivity to your beautiful brain.
  5. Surround yourself with good people
    You are the company you keep. Be mindful of who gets your energy on the daily / weekly. Make sure you surround yourself with people that can support you, love you, hold you through life’s wildness. Good people can make all the difference in your sense of community and love. If you find your community is toxic, maybe it’s time to consider switching it up.
  6. Get a good night sleep
    Sleep is paramount to the brain’s function and your ability to be productive and feel good. There are many things you can do to get a good night sleep – try some of these: no tech 30 mins before bed, no food after 9 pm, meditate before bed.
  1. Take a break from Social Media
    Social media can affect your sense of self worth, your connection to reality and also over stimulate you. If you are feeling negative effects of social media, consider taking a break from it. You can limit your time on apps, delete them from your phone and literally take a break for 1 week – however long you want to refresh and refocus on YOU!
  2. Journal Daily
    Journaling has provided me with amazing insights into myself. I have found that journaling is a positive tool for self reflection and getting to know the inner thought processes of your mind. It is powerful to let yourself express, unedited, with no destination in mind. Just a place for YOU to be, feel and express. Try it out – let me know how you like it.
  3. Eat Clean + Healthy Foods
    You are what you eat. Go the extra mile to make sure what you eat and drink is healthy, clean and gives your body and brain the nutrients it needs to function and thrive. Your food can have serious impacts on your gut – which directly affects your brain, body and mood! 
  1. Talk to a professional when needed
    Sometimes things get too intense and too real for you to handle on your own or with friends – that’s when talking to a therapist or professional can be necessary and SO useful. I have been in therapy and currently am and it is incredible! I highly recommend finding your match to help you move through life’s ups and downs and process any old pain or trauma that comes up! You will thank yourself for this investment, trust me! 

So there you have it – some quick tips to help you improve your mental health today!

Life is beautiful, amazing, challenging and transformative. It will bring the absolute best out of you if you let it, and if you dive deep into the discovery of yourself. 

You are not alone on this journey and never will be.
Remember, you are loved and you are worthy. 

From my heart to yours.

Luciana Santaguida 

PS. You can add a little more self love and care to your life right now by adding in some healthy practices with my online studio – www.nulovestudio.com . Start your free trial today and add more LOVE to your life! 

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Luciana is the founder and creator of NÜLOVE. She is a musician, wellness instructor, speaker and entrepreneur with an acclaimed background in the entertainment and wellbeing industries.

Her passion is to create connection from the inside out and to empower people to become who they’re meant to be; living their lives aligned with full expression from the heart.