21 Days of SELF LOVE!

NÜLOVE’s 21 Days of Self Love

Do you need more self love?

The truth is... we all do, and that’s okay. Self love takes daily effort, but you are so so SO worth it!

That is why we want to kick off the year by hosting a FREE 21 Days of Self Love Challenge. By the end of this challenge we want you to be thriving with confidence, energy and enthusiasm, so you can show up in the world with presence to share your unique gifts and perspectives with the world.

This challenge will begin on January 11th and end on February 1st 2021.

The Flow:

  • Daily love notes from NÜLOVE (affirmations)
  • Daily self love activity and journal prompts
  • Daily facebook threads to share your personal journey and keep each other accountable throughout the challenge
  • Daily emails with the above info and support to keep you going

We also encourage anyone doing the challenge to sign up for 7 days of FREE access to our online studio for meditations, yoga and fitness, and healing sound baths to really kick start the challenge and help you along the journey!

Sign up for the Studio 7 Day Free Trial here: https://nulovestudio.com/

Join Our 21 Days of Self Love Challenge!

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    Everyday we will send out your activity for the day and give you an affirmation/love note to use for your day!

    Share your journey with our Facebook Community along the way on our daily threads to keep you inspired and motivated. This page will be an additional resource of self love tips and inspiration.

    Our team will be doing the challenge with you, so we will be right there with ya along the journey, cheering you on!

    Are you in ?!

    Let's add more LOVE to life!


    With Love,

    Founder, NÜLOVE