Reiki and it’s Power

Reiki energy between palms

Energy work has been serving humanity for centuries in Eastern cultures. Reiki is one of the most popular energy healing modalities today. It has grown in popularity in recent years, and it empowers you to be your own healer – something important to remember when starting on your spiritual path. There is a beauty and […]

10 Tips To Improve your Mental Health

Today is Blue Monday, the saddest day of the year for most people. We have all experienced a year of challenges (2020), and the start of  2021 has also created plenty of anxiety and fear within people. Now more than ever, your mental health is of the utmost importance.  Remember, the journey to self love […]

Self-Care is Self-Love

LOVE. It’s something we all seek and something we all crave. And yet the ultimate kind of love, is really SELF Love. We all know how important it is to our mental health and how we show up in the world. And yet, it seems to be one of the hardest things to attain. The […]

What I learned in 2020

2020 is a year that most people want to forget ever happened. I, on the other hand, want to remember this year forever. What I learned in 2020 is invaluable and I wouldn’t change this year for anything. 2020 has met us all with extreme challenges, opportunity to grow and learn, and time to pause […]

The Benefits of Sound Healing

Sound Baths have been a growing trend and topic the last few years, and for good reason. Sound healing is an ancient practice that uses the power of frequency and vibration to help clear and align the chakras, and bring peace to the physical and energetic body. Not only is this a beautiful musical experience, […]

Digital Detox – A Guide to a Healthier YOU!

2020 has been a year of many things, and it feels like it’s also become the virtual age. Now more than ever we are all online and behind our screens. We are working from home, on zoom calls and on social media non stop! Screen fatigue is a real thing and it’s no joke. A […]

3 Tips to help you create more Self Love

When it comes to self love, we could all use a little more of it. Self love can sound cliché and is very abstract, but the truth is, the longest relationship you will ever have, is the one you have with yourself. Today I’m going to share with you 3 tips to help you create more […]

Embracing Change

We are all living in our own individual human experience that is filled with ebbs and flows into the unknown. Change can feel scary and uncomfortable. But it’s in that discomfort where growth happens! I am no stranger to change. I’ve had to learn to go with the flow of life’s unpredictability. Embracing change is […]

The Importance of a Morning Practice

If you’re a morning person like me, then you know the mornings are where the magic happens. And if mornings aren’t your jam yet, let me share with you why manifesting in the morning with a morning practice might just be the secret sauce you’ve been missing to help you live your best life.  There’s […]

Living Lighter

If you are human like me, then chances are you could benefit from letting go of old emotions, things and people so you can begin living lighter! I know it can feel like a hefty task that is easy to avoid, but you, and only you, are the one who is living with all that […]