Manifesting With Gratitude

It’s been an intense year, there is no arguing that. In the thick of things, it is important to think about what you are grateful for. We are living in a time where collective anxiety and emotional well being is causing so much stress to our bodies, minds, and souls. That is why, today, and everyday, setting aside time to reset by using the practice of manifesting with gratitude is so important.

What is manifesting with gratitude?

Gratitude is a vibration.
When you embody the energy of what you want, you become a magnet to that energy. If you want love, be the love. If you want change, be the change. It’s simple in concept, but more challenging in practice, because your mind will often get in the way. 

Manifesting with gratitude involves: Gratitude, Alignment, Law of Attraction, and Action. 

There are two important concepts under the Law of Attraction, that we need to understand to guide our manifesting practice. 

Law of Attraction

When it comes to the law of attraction, you get what you put out.

For example, if you’re coming from a place of lack and scarcity, but saying to yourself you want that dream job or dream house, the truth is, it won’t be able to come to you. Your energy is not aligned to the vibration of abundance, it’s aligned to scarcity. So only scarcity will meet you.

Gratitude is the remedy for scarcity. When you are grateful each day, you invite a higher vibration into your life. As that new vibration meets you, things aligned to that vibration come too! 
Do you ever notice that when you start the day on a bad note, that feeling can carry itself throughout the entire day, and terrible things can happen? That is the power of the energy we carry. 

When you get into that rut, take a moment to pause, look around, and look for things to be grateful for in the present moment to help you reset. Anything from a tree outside, your dog, or simply the fact that you have a roof over your head, and that’s more than most people in the world have!

To get what you want using the law of attraction, you need to be aligned and super clear about what you want for it to manifest. Once you’re aligned, things will begin to fall into place. Once things are in place, manifesting with gratitude is easy!

What about manifestation? What is it really?  

Manifestation exists both in the metaphysical (what you can’t see) and in the physical (this reality). It takes energy, effort and emotion to fully manifest and bring something into this physical reality. 

The Metaphysical Work

This involves aligning your energy with what you want, and embodying that energy. Through the practice of gratitude, you can begin to embody an energy that feels abundant NOW. Through the law of attraction, that energy will become attracted to you. 

The Physical Work

Once you have embodied the energy you want, start to pay attention to the signs around you, and take ACTION when those signs feel aligned. Manifestation often shows up in the physical as something we want (the dream house, the dream job, the dream partner etc.). 

The only way to bring that manifestation to life is with action. There are two kinds of action that is required from you to get there.

1. The Emotional Work:

You must “do the work” (the emotional work) to process, purge and release your traumas, beliefs and patterns (**EMOTIONAL SHIT**), so you can align to the vibration of what you actually want. 

This is the work most people avoid. It can feel intense (and is intense) but is necessary and SO liberating when you get to the other side. I highly recommend you take time to dive into the work!

2. Resonant Action:

Often we will see an opportunity, and take it without checking in.
But not every opportunity is the right one. We have to check in with what is aligned and resonant. If we are not clear on what we want, the wrong opportunities will manifest. 

To ALIGN takes effort, energy, emotion, action, trust and willingness. Take ACTION based on resonance. 

As you practice taking action based on resonance, you become empowered in your decision making.  You fully connect to your decisions and trust yourself and the path you’re on.

Gratitude Journaling Practice 

Try journaling what you are grateful for and why with our gratitude journaling practice. This can be used as a tool to reprogram the mind and flip your inner dialogue.

The Gratitude Practice:

Write our 5 things you’re grateful for and WHY!
The why is important to write about so you can reflect upon your life and truly integrate what you’re grateful for.

Do this practice daily for one week so you can slowly begin to build trust with yourself, and invite the vibration and energy of gratitude into your body and daily life. Note how you feel after that week of gratitude play.

Have fun! 

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With Love,

Need a place to practice gratitude? Make yourself a Zen Den at home. Read how with our Making your home a Zen Den blog!

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