The Benefits of Meditation

Meditation, much like yoga, is an ancient practice that has been widely used for centuries. It is a tool that has helped humankind anchor more deeply into the heart and achieve mastery over emotions and human sensations. The benefits of meditation are vast and have been proven by science to be extremely beneficial for today’s stressed individuals. Meditation, coupled with mindful intention, can be magical and life changing.

My Life and Meditation

My experience meditating started alongside my yoga journey. As yoga is a preparation for meditation, while in shavasana my soul would wander and my third eye would get activated. In 2013 I started diving into healing work and working with intuitive healers and coaches.

My meditation journey started then and dove deeper and deeper as the years passed. Meditation is part of my daily life today and has had immense benefits for me personally. I have practiced many types of meditation and now have a solid foundation and breath work + meditation practice. 

So what is meditation ? 

A meditative state can be achieved in many ways. For some people it looks like playing sports, singing, painting or building something. For others it looks like dancing or sitting/laying and listening to music, for some it’s following a guided meditation or chanting. 

Whichever practice gets you there, the results are similar. Basically, it’s about re-focusing the mind. Giving the mind something else to focus on besides the repeating stories, the stress, fear and doubt. By doing that, you get to a more present, balanced and relaxed state of being.

There are plenty of meditation techniques and styles such as: mindfulness meditation, guided meditation, sound meditation, transcendental meditation, mantra meditation, breathing meditation, walking meditation etc.

When you have a meditation practice, the way you see and move through life changes. You move from a place of reaction to response. You are able to shift your perspective more quickly and see from a loving lens. And you are able to live more present in the moment. 

When you practice meditation to the point where it becomes second nature, you can be in a state of meditation all day long. 

Who does it benefit ? 

This practice serves everyone, at any age and at any time in life.
There is never a time when meditation isn’t useful to the human brain and your sense of well being. 


Meditation benefits not only adults, but also children in the same ways. Meditation for children helps them process emotions and get calm more quickly. It is now being used widely in schools, along with yoga, to help youth with the high stress environments, pressure they feel from the school system, and family life at home. Mental Health for kids in school is a booming topic, now more than ever. And it is so important that we provide children with the tools to deal with anxiety and stress so they can learn to operate in their lives free of these heavy emotions.


As a meditator myself I can say that Meditation, along with yoga, saved my life. This practice has helped me shift the inner narrative in just minutes. We can all get caught up in our stories and lose sight of what’s actually happening in the moment. Meditation helps you come back to the present moment and recenter into the heart. 

Some of the Benefits of Meditation

  • Deeper connection with self
    • increasing your sense of intuition / internal compass
    • mindful self awareness 
    • focus on the present moment 
    • increased feelings of gratitude by pulling you out of the past
  • Increased Emotional Wellbeing
    • training the brain to process emotions in a non-reactive, non-judgemental way 
    • simply notice and be aware of your emotions 
  • Reduces anxiety 
    • a powerful reset when life gets stressful
    • relief from daily stress

Life happens everyday. 
Ups and downs will always be there. 

If you can learn to harness the MOVEMENT and FLOW of life’s unpredictable energy, it will change your life in powerful ways.

Want to start a meditation practice? 

You can join our virtual studio space and start practicing today. Giving yourself a holistic, well rounded approach to your wellbeing by exploring yoga, meditation, sound healing, breathing techniques and mindful fitness! 

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What is your experience with meditation..? 

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As always, feel free to book a call with me if you need more support and to discover if my mentorship and life coaching offerings are a good fit for you! 

I’m here to be your guide and empower you to live your best life!

Remember, you are worthy and you are LOVED.
Happy meditating! 

With love,

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