The Importance of a Morning Practice

If you’re a morning person like me, then you know the mornings are where the magic happens. And if mornings aren’t your jam yet, let me share with you why manifesting in the morning with a morning practice might just be the secret sauce you’ve been missing to help you live your best life. 

There’s a reason why creating a morning practice is one of the very first things I do when working with my clients, mentees and mastermind groups. Why do we do it? Because it works! When you start your day off nurturing yourself with a healthy morning routine, you set yourself up for success. You build up that new habit of self care and prioritizing YOURSELF first thing in the morning. 

So what are the benefits? 

  • You gain a deeper sense of connection with your mind, body, breath and soul
  • You create time and space for yourself to process your thoughts, feelings and emotions
  • You build a new healthy habit for you to enjoy for the rest of your life
  • You feel more energized for your day
  • You provide yourself with a healthy daily dose of dopamine (those same feel good neurotransmitters you get from working out or having sex). 
  • You will gain confidence and clarity with your actions, decisions and choices

Those are just SOME of the benefits I have personally experienced from my morning practice. 

If you’re reading this and already have a morning practice, then you KNOW how life changing it is to have one. Your practice evolves over time (just like you do) but still serves you and stands the test of time as one of the most important and powerful daily practices you’ll have.

If you’re reading this and a morning practice is totally NEW to you, you might be asking yourself – how the heck do I even start or make a morning routine?

It will be challenging at first (like anything new is), but it gets easier and easier with time and you will find so much peace, confidence and clarity with it.

Remember, life is fluid and you must be too. Meaning, if there’s a day you can’t get your full practice in, you adjust it. If you can’t do it in the morning, you do it at night. You stay fluid with it! 

What to include in your morning practice?

1. Movement 
Every morning move your body with gentle stretches, cardio, yoga or dancing for at least 5 – 10 mins. Do whatever movement works for you. Keep it easy and easeful as you begin a new routine.

2. Meditation
Meditate for 5 – 10 mins after you move to let your movement integrate into the body. There are plenty of types of meditation – here is one you can try to get you started.

3. Reflection 
After your movement and meditation, reflecting every day helps you see what is happening in your subconscious (or conscious) mind and allows you the time and space to process it. Journal after your meditation by free-flow writing whatever comes to mind for a minimum of 5 mins every day! (grab a journal if you don’t already have one and enjoy the ride!)

Where to do your practice

Having a space to create your practice in is really important so you feel safe and supported as you grow. Another tool I set my mentees up with is a Zen Den. That space is your safe haven to read, meditate and be just as you are. Set up a Zen Den for yourself to do your practice in and you will love having it in your room or home!


It can be tough to stick to something new, so if you are trying this for the first time I encourage you to grab a friend or family member to do this with! Keep each other accountable with daily check ins.

As you start out, do this practice for a minimum of 3 consecutive weeks. When you reach the end of week 3 – start another round of 3 weeks and keep on going! (It’s totally worth it, I promise you!) Ideally this practice stays with you for life.

Ready for this???

For those of you who are ready for this life changing JUMP START – I see you and I am excited for your journey ahead! I have created a FREE PDF to help you curate the ultimate morning practice to boost your confidence and create a deeper connection with YOURSELF! Get the PDF here:

Your life is happening NOW! So now is the best time to live it FULL OUT! You are worthy of living the best life possible and you owe it to yourself to do just that. 

Get your morning practice started and let me know how it goes!

Remember if you need support along the way, I am an email away! And if you are ready to dive deeper and take your life, mindset, abundance and joy to the next level, I can help you with just that! 

Book a free 30 min clarity call with me to DIVE IN: !

As always, you deserve it ALL! 

With love,


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Luciana is the founder and creator of NÜLOVE. She is a musician, wellness instructor, speaker and entrepreneur with an acclaimed background in the entertainment and wellbeing industries.

Her passion is to create connection from the inside out and to empower people to become who they’re meant to be; living their lives aligned with full expression from the heart.