what i leanred in 2020

What I learned in 2020

2020 is a year that most people want to forget ever happened. I, on the other hand, want to remember this year forever. What I learned in 2020 is invaluable and I wouldn’t change this year for anything.

2020 has met us all with extreme challenges, opportunity to grow and learn, and time to pause and gain perspective to see what truly matters in our lives. I see this year as a sort of great awakening, a coming home to who we are, and a shattering of our beliefs. It is sometimes through challenge that we find meaning and beauty in life’s journey. Afterall, a diamond cannot be made without pressure.  

Among the suffering I have witnessed people coming together, even without being able to do so in person. I have seen both anger and love, pain and joy, beauty and darkness. Human beings have demonstrated their resilience through this pandemic beyond measure. 

What I learned in 2020


I dove heart-first this year into my personal, spiritual and professional development. For the first time in a long time I became a full on student of life again. I am still healing and working on loving myself with the support of online courses, core energetics therapy and open communication with my loved ones. This year was painful for me, with lots of change and the opportunity for me to dive into myself more fully. 

I SAID YES to the growth and the change. Knowing that it would be a difficult path, I trusted in my process (which I am still in) to evolve and grow even more. That took bravery and still does every day.


This year I had to reinvent myself. I lost all of my income and the work I did no longer was able to happen. I had to literally adapt and make a new business out of nothing. Becoming a start up once again and building from the bottom up. I built my online studio NULOVE Studio and started running Mastermind Groups for Female Creative Entrepreneurs every quarter ! 

I didn’t even realize that it was noteworthy until I shared with other people and then reflected to me that my adaptability was incredible. That just showed me that I didn’t slow down enough to notice the pivot and work I was doing. 


Having to be brave and adapt showed me how resilient I really am. Resilience means “the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness.” I knew that through these changes and challenges I could either go kicking and screaming or welcome the process and dive into the healing there for me.

I used to be a master (and still am a master) at hiding how I feel and beating myself up with negative self talk. Now, I am hyper aware of my patterns and beliefs and through practice, dedication and communication, I am able to work through them and make conscious, mindful and present decisions.

That has given me my power back!

Year in review

We must all take time to pause, and reflect on this year. Not just because the year is nearing its end. But because this year is unlike any other in history so far. It’s teachings must not be forgotten. 

How to reflect on this year? 

Do a year in review for yourself. 
Like any other year that passes, looking at the year you’ve had is a good practice to help you reflect. 

Grab a piece of paper and a pen. Scan your year month by month and write in point form by month what you did, changed, went through and evolved into. 

After you reflect on the year, pull out your 3 biggest learnings and 3 things you are most proud of.

We often forget all the things that take place until you literally scan your year, month by month. This will help give you more perspective and really notice your growth in a powerful way!

Why write it out? 

It allows you to visually see all the change, accomplishments and growth that took place. 

Our minds often leave out a lot of information, especially if we set goals for ourselves and don’t think we met them. Doing your year in review helps you see all that YOU DID accomplish, how much you changed and how resilient you ARE! 

Set intentions 

As we approach a brand new year, doing your year in review is important, but also setting intentions for the year coming. 

Take time to sit with yourself and set some intentions and goals for 2021. Letting yourself really sink into creating your reality by manifesting into the physical. 

Setting intentions and putting pen to paper can help make things real for you! 

Be realistic. 

Setting realistic goals, attainable goals will help you succeed. It’s important to know the big dreams and high level plan, but remember that everything takes time to realize. So setting attainable goals month by month will help you focus on what you need to do every month to slowly reach the big dream or high level plan !

Remember, life is a journey we are all on. Make the most of your time here. Enjoy the ride, find love, laugh every day and spend time in nature. 

Sending you love, from my heart to yours.

With love, 


Are you ready to DIVE IN to your year in review and new year intentions???
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